Tianxuanqing<sup>®</sup> Gastrodin Injection

Tianxuanqing® Gastrodin Injection

Tianmasu Zhusheye

The First Approved Gastrodin Preparation Used for Intravenous Injection.

The only domestic gastrodin injection which have been through Phase I and Phase II clinical trials based on GCP (Good Clinical Trial Practice). In 2003-2004, KPC conducted Phase I and Phase II clinical trials for its Gastrodin Injection for the treatment of vertigo by giving the medicine intravenously at the West China Hospital, SCU, First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, and the Southwest Hospital Affiliated to the Third Military Medical University. The clinical trials results showed that the Gastrodin Injection is effective for the treatment of vertigo (with an efficacy ratio of 90.6%). At this point, KPC’s Tianxuanqing Gastrodin Injection became the first gastrodin injection approved for intravenous administration in China.

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