Over 20 years’ Experience of International Cooperation, Our Partners Can be Found All Over the World.  

KPC was the first company to bring a joint venture to the pharmaceutical industry of Yunnan. It has enjoyed long-term and extensive cooperation with world renowned transnational French corporation Rhone-Poulenc (now it is named Sanofi-Aventis), IVAX Corporation and Novartis AG. In addition, KPC has also worked with Molecular Biology Laboratory of Harvard Medical School on the development of the innovative Luotai, developed new derivatives of gastrodin with Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd. and conducted multi-center clinical research and R&D for new antimalarials with the Swiss anti-malaria R&D venture fund MMV.

Boasting over 20 years’ experience of international cooperation, cooperative partners of KPC are all over the world. Since its establishment, KPC has been constantly developing, seeing numerous scientific achievements, innovations and breakthroughs, and diligently exploring the secrets of health.

In 1991, KPC cooperated with French Rhone-Poulenc (now it is named Sanofi-Aventis) for producing of artemether for injection;

In 1992, KPC set up the joint-venture, Kunming Baker Norton Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (KBN), with the IVAX Corporation.

In 1994, it reached a cooperative agreement with Novartis AG for Coartem;

In 1996, it formed a joint-venture with Swiss Complector to establish a pharmaceutical enterprise;

In 2004, KPC’s subsidiary company KBN introduced project “Artz” - sodium hyaluronate for injection from the world renowned manufacturer in the medicine R&D field of bones and joints, Japan SKK. Artz is the first sodium hyaluronate for injection that is listed in the market worldwide, and is also the most frequently-used sodium hyaluronate for injection in articular cavities.

KPC Nukus Herbal Technology Co. Ltd. was established in November 2014 as a joint-venture between KPC and AKMANGIT-LAKRITSA. The first stage is designed to process 4,000 tons of glycyrrhiza for 400 tons annual production of glycyrrhizic acid, with a total industrial output value exceeding USD 10 million.

In 2014, KPC set up Kunming Silver Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd. with Hong Kong Yiyun Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd to develop the long-term anti-diabetic drug GLP-1(the glicetin-1) fusion protein which indicates that KPC is officially launched into the field of treatments for diabetes and biopharmaceutical.