• Kunming Traditional Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd. (hereinafter be abbreviated as "KTC") has existed since 1381 (the 14th year of the reign of Emperor Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty), and was officially established in 1826 (the 6th year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang). With a history of over 600 years, KTC is one of the five major time-honored brands in the field of traditional Chinese medicine as well as being a high-tech company and being recognized as one of the "five Chinese time-honored brands". It has also been recognized as a high and new tech enterprise, enterprise technology center of Yunnan Province and listed as one of the Top 10 Historic Brands of Yunnan".  

    KTC brings together and develops the inherited pharmaceutical techniques and product culture of 82 time-honored medicine shops and 19 traders (including "Zhushi Shuangmeihao", "Tide Tang" and "Fulin Tang"), establishing a series of unique and remarkable products. The company has created a number of Chinese patented drugs with remarkable curative effects, including Zhengshi Nvjindan, Zaizaowan, Qingfei Huatanwan, Ganmao Su(shu)fengwan, Ruanshi Shangqingwan, Shugansan, Tianma(qufeng)wan and Jinhua(xiaocuo)wan. At present, KTC owns 10 dosage forms and 150 approval certificates, of which 58 varieties are exclusively produced or developed in China. The company owns 15 products which are of the varieties of the traditional Chinese medicine to be protected, making it the single company which owns so many varieties in China. Various exclusively produced and independently developed products have received honorary awards at national and provincial level, including Shugan Keli, Qingfei Huatanwan, Ganmao Xiaoyanpian, Zhikewan, Nuanwei Shule Keli, Shenlin Jianpiwei Keli. At the same time, the products of KTC have a good reputation and have been well received by both consumers and medical experts.  

  • Located in Yunnan province’s Wenshan prefecture, the heartland of panax notoginseng production in China, Kingtide Notoginseng Industry Co. Ltd. was one of the first companies to begin developing and utilizing the area’s notoginseng resources to produce, research and market drugs and its "Shuangfu" PNS series outperforms other similar products in terms of market share. The company’s Xuesaitong tablets have been awarded the titles of "National New Product", “Yunnan Provincial Famous Brand- Product" and "Traditional Chinese Medicine Brand under National Protection". The plant for producing of API and tablets which passed the GMP inspection of CFDA is the main manufacturer of Xuesaitong pharmaceutical preparations.

  • Established in 2002, Xishuangbanna Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter be abbreviated as "XPC") is the largest modern domestic manufacturer of Dai medicines. In 2014, XPC passed the GMP inspection of China Food and Drug Administration. Making use of its geographical advantages and based on the characteristics of local tourism, religion, history, culture and Dai medicine, XPC recruited senior Dai medicine experts and professionals and works together with exclusive Dai hospitals. By bringing together five exclusively approved Dai medicines, 43 preparations and 104 standard Dai medical materials, XPC has developed eight major competitive Dai products, high-class Dai medicines, Yunnan medicinal materials, prepared herbal medicines and Dai health care products. By 2015, the company has been granted 35 national approval licenses, among which five are exclusive varieties of Dai medicine. Major products with distinctive national features include Zhuzi Gantai capsules, Shenchadai Paocha and Shuangjiang Weitongwang.

  • Established in 2005, Kunming Pharmaceutical Commercial Co. Ltd. sales around 7,000 medical products across the eight major types of medicine, namely antibiotics, chemical medicinal raw materials, chemical pharmaceutical preparations, Chinese patent medicines, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, biological products, biochemical drugs and health foods. A comprehensive pharmaceutical distribution network has now been established across Yunnan Province, allowing the company to become one of the top 100 companies in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. In 2015, the company built a new 30,000 square meter warehouse in the National Biological Industry Base of the Kunming High-tech Zone which complies with the new GSP requirements. The warehouse is equipped with semi-automatic repositories and automatic systems for bulk cargo sorting. The comprehensive and complete warehouse logistics system will underpin the rapid development of product marketing and will help the company to become one of the most outstanding full-service pharmaceutical businesses companies in Southwest China.

  • Kunming Baker Norton Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter be abbreviated as - “KBN”) was established in 1992 as a joint venture between KPC and IVAX (IVAX Corporation, the world famous multi-national corporation from the United States). In 2005, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (TEVA), the world’s largest non-patent drug manufacturer, was given approval to merge with IVAX and became the foreign shareholder of KBN.  

    As the first Sino-foreign joint venture in the Yunnan pharmaceuticals industry, KBN is listed as one of the new national high-tech companies and national incentive companies for foreign investment. It is also one of the domestic leaders in the fields of international cooperation in GMP drug quality management and academic promotion. Targeted at high-end products, KBN enjoys great popularity as a professional brand in the antibiotics and arthrosis fields in China. Its major product series include Amoxicillin, Cefaclor, Alfacalcidol, Artz, Snaplets and Ribavirin spray.

  • KPC Nukus Herbal Technology Co. Ltd. was established in November 2014 as a joint-venture between KPC and AKMANGIT-LAKRITSA. KPC holds 90% of the shares. The company dedicated for glycyrrhiza extraction and processing and all the technology and equipments are supplied by KPC. The first stage is designed to process 4,000 tons of glycyrrhiza for 400 tons annual production of glycyrrhizic acid, with a total industrial output value exceeding USD 10 million.

  • Kunming Yinnuo Medical Technology Co. Ltd. was established in December 2014 as a joint venture between KPC, Canadian-born Chinese Doctor Wang Qinghua and Hong Kong Yiyun Medical Technology Co. Ltd. The company is developing a long-acting hypoglycemic drug GLP-1(glucagon-like peptide-1) fusion protein, an anti-diabetes drug researched by Professor Wang Qinghua who is an expert from the "national one thousand talents program". The drug has proprietary intellectual property rights both at home and abroad. The company is expected to become a leading enterprise with internationally advanced R&D and production capacity in biological pharmaceuticals, helping to develop Kunming into an arena for modern domestic biomedical high-tech businesses that can compete with the international pharmaceutical corporations.

  • Beijing Holley-Cotec Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Holley-Cotec") was established in 1985. Hofon Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., one of KPC’s shareholders, made Holley-Cotec a subsidiary of KPC in 2014. Holley-Cotec mainly works on the international marketing of artemisinin antimalarials, generic drugs and medical apparatus. The company has established sales outlets in around 40 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. Ketaifu antimalarial, Holley-Cotec’s leading product, has been registered and sold in 39 countries in Africa and has been listed in the medication guidance list for seven countries.

    Holley-Cotec’s subsidiary companies, Zhejiang Holley Nanhu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Chongqing Hofon Wuling Mountain Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Xiangxi Hofon Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. have set up subsidiaries in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Uganda. Boasting the largest plantation and production base of Artemisinin bulk pharmaceutical chemicals in the world and with the widest variety, Holley-Cotec has developed a complete industrial chain that integrates R&D with plantation, raw material extraction, preparations production and international marketing in the artemisinin industry.