• 2015

    The company was renamed "KPC Pharmaceutical Inc.”, with its stock abbreviated as "KPC group". The renaming of KPC broke with territorial restrictions, marking a key step towards its international development goals. KPC is now standing at a brand new starting point, and is ready to usher in a new era of rapid development.
  • 2014

    KPC's major shareholders issued shares of RMB 1.25 billion in KPC, facilitating the successful implementation of KPC's dual-directional strategy of "interior development" and "exterior extension". In the same, KPC established a joint venture, Kunming Yinnuo Medical Technology Co. Ltd., with the goal of developing an innovative anti-diabetes drug researched by Professor Wang Qinghua, an expert in the "national thousand talents program". The drug will have proprietary intellectual property rights both at home and abroad, demonstrating that KPC is officially entering the battle against diabetes.
  • 2013

    KPC’s net profit reached RMB 200 million.
  • 2011

    KPC’s net profit reached RMB 200 million.
  • 2002

    Holley Group became the largest shareholder.
  • 2000

    40 million of KPC ‘A shares’ were priced and issued on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The share was referred to as "KPC" for short and has the stock code 600422.
  • 1995

    Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory was comprehensively restructured, its business assets invested as capital stock. With the joint efforts of the Kunming Jinding Development Group, Kunming Pharmaceutical Employee Stock Holding Committee, Kunming Fuxiang Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., and Kunming Bada Industry Co. Ltd., Kunming Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was founded.
  • 1992

    Kunming Baker Norton Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., the first Sino-foreign joint venture in the Yunnan pharmaceutical industry, went into operation.
  • 1976-1990

    Over the course of 14 years’ hard work, KPC worked with R&D institutes including the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica to successfully develop a landmark antimalarial drug with special curative effect- artemether injection.
  • 1979

    KPC worked with R&D institutes including the Kunming Institute of Botany to artificially synthesize gastrodin. The birth of gastrodin indicated that  the history of  Yunnan without synthetic drugs was ended.
  • 1958

    "Verticil", the first botanical drug produced by KPC, was successfully developed to fill a gap in the domestic market and take e place of the "Verticil" imported from India.
  • 1951

    Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory was launched.